Thursday, May 19, 2016

Clone Camera v1.2 Apk Full App

Clone Camera v1.2 Apk Full AppCloneCamerav1.2
Requirements:2.3 and up
Overview:Do you want to produce interesting photos where several of me appr?★ Follow @Petavision oninstagram.
Participate to win a spot in our showcase by follwing us
on instgram and adding thehashtag#ClonecameraChoice
to your favorite photos.★Do you want to produce interesting photos where several of me appr?CloneCameraenables you to produce sy and perfect clone photo on your smart phone.Guide system helps you frame a photo more sily than any other apps and synthesize photos most stably and perfectly.The qualityof the results of CloneCameraoverwhelm other app’s outcome.Ftures
1 Guide for shooting with afters
2 Self-timer function that can perform multi-shot with 4 times
3 Thecamerashakecorrectionfunction
4 27 different high-quality photo filters
5 Support high-resolution
6 Support Instagrams,Facebook, Twitter, FlickrInstruction
1 Shoot 2 to 4 photos
2 Mark on the part you want to synthesize bydrawingwith your finger.
3 Synthesize.
4 Apply a variety of filters, or insert letters
5 Store in thecameraor share on varioussocial networkservices.

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