Thursday, May 19, 2016


Governor ofPoker 2 takes you back to the wild west, straight to the roots of this veryexcitingcard game. You canplayTexas Holdem against the old western pros. Now it’s time to use your pokerskillsto start small, win big, buy houses, claim industrial assets, collect rent and finally take over Texas! The main goal is: To get a hold of Texas!
This is not just a sequel… it’s a brandnew game, loaded with tons of new ftures!Amazing Poker Engine
A completely new poker engine will challenge beginners and pro’s alike. Refine your tactics to match the countless playing styles of your opponents and watch them go “Stmy” after showing off your outrageous bluffs!Intriguing Story
Governor ofPoker 2 starts where the first game ended, but nothing is what it seems to be. A new Dallas government decided to put a ban onall poker gamesand now considers the game to be illegal. Time to take matters in your own hands and prove them wrong!Stunning HD Graphics
Everything in this new installment is completely redesigned for retina display. Fst your eyes on the incredibly detailed city’s and watch the hilarious effects when you outsmart your opponents. Fill up yourcabinetwith tons of butiful trophy’s!PlayAlways and Everywhere
Because there is nolive internetconnection needed toplaya thrilling game of Texas hold’em poker, you can justplayGovernor ofPoker 2 anywhere you want!Customizable characters
Prove you are a bigshot by customizing your style to fit your status? Be sure to visit one of the many grt hat shops across Texas and get yourself the hat of your drms!Get rdy for hours of gameplay
Over 80 challenging opponents to bt
27 stunning saloons in 19 amazing cities
Get a hold of the 5 big industrial assets Instructions:rel. by : chathu_ac…1c86e2680fd82/

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