Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v4.01 apk game download

Experience the game called “The scariest game of all time”.Slenderman! is a brand new 3Dsurvivalhorror gamebased upon the Slenderman (slender man) led. See how long you can survive before Slender Man gets you, with only your wits to aid you!Can youfind all the hidden pages before Slenderman gets you?Thanks to everyone for all the helpful feedback. We promise to respond promptly to suggestions and and bugs.NOTE:
GalaxyY user have reported issues. Some older ARM6 may not be able to run correctly. Sorry.What’s in this version: (Updated : May 27, 2013)
Fix for falling though ground bug! Instructions:Relsed by chathu_ac…d29fa71f01b86/

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