Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dd Bunker HD v1.09 apk game download

We recommend you turn off thelightsand turn the volume to maximum and put thehdon.The whole gameplay is in first person. You go through a huge old bunker where an unknown incident, after which allemployeeswere either dd or missing. In order to classify all the information on the “Bunker – 18″, the Soviet government sled all the entrances to the bunker. Here andhere youhave gone to his hd, something to solvethe causesofthe disasterthat befell this place.Dark, gloomy corridors bunker, snking to shiver. A derelict room in which it seems only recently have people worked frsome. With every minute of the stay in this evil place, will force the player as soon as possible to lve it. But it is not so simple, as it were, you wanted to. After all, we need answers to questions aboutwhat happenedin the “B-18″. And following the hopper meter by meter, you’ll find the data which later will help to unravel the events occurred there. Of the secret documents did you know that there are only five media with encrypted data. Which will shed light on the “B-18″. Stunning graphics, bone-atmosphere and the sound will not let you fall asleep at the game.Plse note: we are not responsible for damaged or devices, is also not recommended toplay the gamenervous and mentally unstable people. Instructions:rel. by : alien shooter…478434a88ab/

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