Thursday, May 19, 2016


International Snooker returns bigger, better and bursting with ftures taking all cue gaming to new heights.International Snooker Pro Tegra HD, brings more ftures, enhanced audio and visuals and hundreds of hours of gameplay.Ftures:ACareerMode places you in a full ‘rolling’ yr on yr professional snookercareer, playing 15 tournaments in 14 loionsaround the worldcompeting to be world 1.
Fill yourtrophy cabinetwith 16 trophies from 7 major and 7 minor events, 1 invitational event plus the coveted 147 trophy.
Includesthree Quick Play Pool modes: UK 8-ball, US 8-ball and US 9-Ball.
Back spin, top spin and swerve the cue ball with simulation quality physics.
rna 147 maximum brk and entry to theexclusive147 club.
UseCareerMode winnings toupgradeequipment to incrse power, swerve, spin and player kudos.Frame by frame replays with slow motion and dynamiccamerasincluding pocket cams and the new ‘follow the ball’ cam.Referee voiced by Michaela Tabb the world’s favourite referee of snooker and pool competitions.Stats and Achievements with full Soop integration.
All new graphics engine with an even grter level of detail and rlism.What’s in this version:
* Fixed continuous audience chatter throughout match.
* Fixed issue with black squares on pool balls.
* Fixed reported stability issues.
* Fixed shine on pool balls on certain devices.
* Fixed issues where sound was sometimes list.
* Fixed Ball Physics issues on Tegra2 devices.More Info:…m9va2VycHJvIl0.INTERNATIONAL SNOOKER PRO MADE FOR NVIDIA TEGRADownload Instructions:multiupload

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