Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pocket Rally v1.0.2 apk game download

Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of both old school rallyracing gamesand smart device experiences. Stunning visual graphics, rlistic yet fun to drive car physics, all in the palm of your hand. Take the rally racing anytime,anywherewith you!Ftures:* Highly detailed and precisely madecar models, butiful and visually convincing racing tracks loed in various spectacular sceneries including mountains, coastline and ancient city ruins.* Carefully tuned car physics to be both rlistic and fun. Multiple ground surface properties including tarmac, gravel and grass. ch car has unique driving characteristics, and will evolve through the winning of races.* 4 control modes and 3 camera angles (in-game togglble) to choose from.* Strength adjustable AI opponents. Up to 4 cars can race simultaneously in a game.*Introducingthe Replay Mode. Performed a perfect power drift doing a hairpin turn and want to show your friends? Too occupied in the competition not able to admire your own driving technique and want to see it later? Replay Mode is the answer for you! The replay cameras are tailored for ch track, recording the whole event from best angles andplayit back for you.* 2 main game modes toplay: Challenge mode and Single Race mode. Additional cars and tracks can be unlocked by winningchallengesand to be chosen in Single Race mode.* Pocket Rally only requires a 24+ MB download. Hi-end devices are not required to run the game smoothly. The loading is so fast it’s literally seconds between launching the APP and grabbing your driving wheel! Rally racing whenever you like, wherever you like!Currently there are 4 ledaryrally cars, 4 tracks (including forward/reverse direction) and 30 Challenge mode events in the game, with many more to come!What’s in this version : (Updated : Jun 10, 2013)
New caradded. Currentlythe new caris not included in Challenge mode yet.
Speed limit removed.
New “Extra” speed option in Single Race mode. For those who stillfeel theneed for speed, plse try this!
Engine sound now reflect gr-change.
Brake light effect added.
New control mode for Xperia(TM)Playgamepad. The original “Wheel” control mode was removed temporarily. Instructions:rel. by : chathu_ac…c3f3458b0a3b1/

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