Thursday, May 19, 2016

sms Blocker – AWARD WINNER Premium v6.0.5 Apk Full App

Winner of awards from MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, , Proto, NASSCOM & many others, this unique & ORIGINAL smsBlocker app gives you many powerful options to block unwanted text messages. Now it also gives you option to block calls.With its unique logic, it protects you from harmful – malicious phishing text messages.Over HALF MILLION users, 17000+ reviews, 4.6 Star rating tell how useful & TRUSTED SMS spam blocker it is!NOTE: Ourserveris having some overload. If you face difficulty in registering the app, plse try after a few hours. Thanks for your patience.*** Beware & Stay safe from copy apps with similar title. ‘smsBlocker by Optinno’ is the First & original app that automatically blocks harmful spam SMS ***Ftures-☆ Unique inbuilt lice in the app to AUTOMATICALLY block most of spam & harmful SMS and not to block important messages. This SMS spam blocker is Super-Smart!☆ Unlike in any other existing anti spam SMS orblacklistapp, ‘smsBlocker by Optinno’ will smartly block the spam & phishing-trojan-malicious SMS on its own once you provide your blocking/allowing choices.☆ Call blocker option. This makes it the BESTblacklistapp.☆ Block SMS based on /phrase, content word or even by Series.☆ See blocked SMS in ‘Logs’ with option to move to Inbox.☆ Export ‘Logs’ in Notepad format.☆ Fully customizable. Crte your blocking/allowing preferences as you want.☆ Smless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox.☆ Mostsuperiorperformance.☆ Unique ‘One-Click-Block’ to block insingleclick from home Screen.☆ Grt support!This is a FREE version. The paid Premium version is also available on Google Play and has even more interesting ftures-[✔] Unique fture- Block my Ex.[✔] Auto response SMS.[✔] Backup/restoredata from/in the app.[✔] protection for the app.[✔] SMS Block notifiion settings.[✔] Option to delete accumulated blocked SMS (Logs) automatically.[✔] Option to delete Logs in one click.[✔] No limit on of Block/Allow list entries.[✔] Option to set tone for Suspicious SMS pop up[✔] Ads free[✔] Priority support and service[✔] And moreIn this free version, you can test Premium ftures for 15 days without any charge. After 15 days, you can continue using free version orupgradeto paid Premium version.This Award Winning text spam blocker & call blocker is a must if you want to get complete rid of unwanted & harmful text messages & calls. Enjoy the clutter-free inbox & pce of mind as well!Download Now!!***** Before you rate the app with 1/2/3 stars PLSE NOTE:1. Enter thecountrydialing in correct & exact way as mentioned in the app. Don’t add your ar/state/city .2. If you are using other SMS related app (like Go SMS), make sure that this app isinstalled/updated first.3. The sender of the SMS will receive the SMSdeliveryreport as usual. (smsBlocker filters SMS IN the phone and not at mobile operator level).4. If you have enabled voice mail onyour phone, smsBlocker ‘might’ block certain voice mails. We are working on tofind thesolution. Plse br with us. f000h5. The contacts stored in SIM are not accessible and will be considered as unknown s. Kindly make sure all your contacts are stored in mobile memory.6. If you are facing any issue, plse write to us on ‘’ first before posting the bad review. We erally respond within 1-2 business days.Reference: call blocker, SMS spam blocker, black list, anti sms spam, call filter, spam blocker text blocker, sms manager,blacklist,spam killer,sms guard,sms filter,mobilesecurityRecent changes:
IMPORTANT: If the app is crashing after update, plse uninstall and reinstall it. It will fix the issue. Thanks for co-operation.
1. More filters added to auto-block malicious text messages
2. Improved app performance
3. Option to directly add the sender in ‘Allow’ list, while doing ‘Move to Inbox’ actionVisit Website
Less description »Note: all premium ftures available. Not needed file.

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