Thursday, May 19, 2016


Immerse yourself intothe mistofthe Vietnam waras an US helicopter pilot.
Be part of the new air mobility tactic which helicopters are hvily used to insert troops into battles, transport supplies and wpons to the most remote outposts or dangerous low level Hunter-Killer missions.ADVANCED SIMULATIONNot like otherflight sim gamesfor mobile devices, in Gunship-III the cockpit is highly simulated with ultra-rlistic 3D cockpit, full function dashboard, rlisticsound effectsand all moving parts.Flight characteristics are also highly accurate thanks to the Blade element theory. Wings are brking down into several small parts and then determined the forces on ch of these small elements. These forces are then integrated along the entire wing in order to obtain the forces andmomentsproduced by the entire wing. This results in a highly dynamic, accurate flight model for ch specified aircraft.Even though helicopter controls are simplified and stabilized, you still could do many advanced maneuver such as AutoRotation, Trade airspeed for high, coming hot and flare for landing, etc.You could even feel all the forces affect the pilot body with the pilot hd effect which could only found in high-end flight simulator for PC.Graphics are highly detail for city, jungle, airbases. ch map ftures 200×200 kilometers flyable ar. In Gunship-III everything is in rl scale, ch city has thousand of trees and houses.MORE AIRCRAFTIn Gunship-III, you have more aircraft available to play more than any other games. We’re working hard to bring even more aircraft and groundvehiclesas well in coming up updates.WPON SIMULATIONWpon systems in Gunship-III are also highly detail and accurate with rl recorded sounds, high fire rate for minigun as well explosioneffect forbomb and rocket.ARTIFICIAL LIT (AI)In Gunship-III, you’ll never fly alone. ch mission ftures many AI aircrafts that will join your mission and perform many advanced tasks such as Close Air Support, Escort, Patrol and Transport.And just like rl gunship helicopter, you will have AI gunners onboard who will shoot at anythingfiringat them andmake surenothing could touch your aircraft.The enemy is also aggressive and frless, they only shoot at you when you get close and be aware of those RPG, they sure take an aircraft down just by one hit.************************************************** **************
Overall, Gunship-III is an advanced Vietnam War flight combat simulation game with many ftures are now first time available for mobile gaming.FTURES:* AI aircraft performance advanced combat tasks.
* 360 3D cockpit view with zoom.
* Fully functioning cockpit avionics.
* Pilot G visual effects.
* Auto pilot for long flight.
* Wpon system: minigun, rocket, smoke grenade…
* Details graphics with cities, trees, ground troop on a vast 200×200 km map.
* Five rlistic and detailed Vietnam War missions including: Troop transport, Hunter-Killer, Forward Air Controller,hvy equipment transportand more coming soon.
* Full version ftures 7 flyable helicopters: H-19 Chickasaw, H-34 Choctaw, CH-47 Chinook, UH-1D Huey, OH-6A Cayuse, UH-1B Huey Gunship, AH-1G Cobra and more coming soon.What’s in this version : (Updated : Jun 15, 2013)
Add mission 7 and A-1 Skyraider
New Pleiku Airbase and map
Unlock mission 2-3 and 4
Chinook sling sier to ch by : chathu_ac…6c3750d6e1d70/

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