Thursday, May 19, 2016

Abula Hero Defense v1.12 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Abula heroes, defend your kingdom!

A different kind of Tower Defense Game, you can build your own tower. Abula Tower Defense is set in the fantasy land of magic and collects the elements of fantasy, friendship, revenge, and self-improvement. It brks the mode of achieving victory through simple formation deploying, a typical mns adopted in traditional tower defense games. Heroes can purchase props from stores to equip themselves, which grtly upgrades the playability of the game. In the game, the heroes are to achieve the final victory against the enemies through careful deployment.

Ftures:1. Equipment system make game more interesting to play in a long time.
2. 5 scenes: Fire, Water, Air, rth, Comprehensive, ch with 8 levels and 2 hidden level.
3. 50 Levels.
4. 8 towers: the local mercenary, the warrior, the fire mage, the water mage, the air mage, the rth mage, the apult and the ballista(splash attack). The local mercenary, the warrior and apult can only attack land forces, while the four mages and ballista can attack both land and air forces.
5. Achievements System.

If you are a tower defense fan of games like Robo Defense, Myth Defense, Grave Defense you shoud give Abula Tower Defense a try!

What's in this version:Fix bug of unlock ballista's 5th slot

More Information:

Download:Abula_Hero_Defense_v1.12.apk (13.05 MB)

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