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APK Multi-Tool v1.0.6 - sy APK Edit

APK Multi-Tool v1.0.6 - sy APK Edit

- Added framework dependent decompiling (For non propietary rom apks). (Option 10). Checks whether the dependee apk u selected is correct.
- Allows multiple projects to be modified, switch to and from.
- Allows to modify system apk's using apktool but ensures maximum compatibility in terms of signature / manifest.xml
- Batch optimize apk (Zipalign,optipng,or both)
- Batch Ogg optimization
- Batch install apk from script (option 19)
- Batch Theme Transfer TOOL
- Batch Theme optipng TOOL
- Batch Theme Zipalign APK TOOL
- Compression level selector (monitor status above menu)
- Error detection. Checks if error occurred anytime u perform a task, and reports it
- Extract, Zip apk's.
- Incorporates brut.all's apktool
- Improved syntax of questions/answers
- Logging on/off has been removed. Instd a log.txt is crted which logs the activities of the scriptorganized using time/date hders
- Optimize pngs (ignores .9.pngs)
- Pull apk from phone into modding environment.
- Push to specific loion on phone
- Quick sign an apk (Batch mode supported)
- Rd log (Option 24)
- Sign apks
- Supports batch installation, so if u drag multiple apks into the script (not while its running) it will installthem all for u. U can ofcourse drag a single apk as well
- User can change the max java size (only use if certain large apks get stuck when decompiling/compiling apks) (Option 19)
- U can now set this script as ur default appliion for apks. When u do, if u double click any apk it willinstall it for u.
- Zipalign apks
- Much Much More
- Place apk in appropriate folder (Any filename will work, if running for first time folders will not be there, you must run and then the folders will be crted)
- Run script
- Minimize the script
- Edit files inside the project folder
- Maximize the script
Java 1.6
Android SDK

FAQ about APK Multi-Tools :

Resulting apk file is much smaller than original! Is there something missing?

First: compression of resources.arsc file. Sometimes this file is compressed in original apk, sometimes not and apktool always compress it. Second: lack of META-INF dir. Apktool builds unsigned apks, so they lack signatures stored in this dir. Third: apktool uses newest Android SDK, so it could optimize files better, especially if original app is old. So: unpack both original and resulting apk, remove META-INF from original and then compare sizes. If they're still much different, then you could report on XDA or somewhere.

There is no META-INF dir in resulting apk. Is this ok?

Yes. META-INF contains apk signatures mostly and after modifying apk in no longer signed, so there are no signatures in it. You have to sign resulting apk and then META-INF dir will be crted.

What do you call "magic apks"?
Sometimes there are some apks which (for my current knowledge) are invalid, , theoretically they shouldn't exist. There may be many rsons of their existence: my lack of understanding of Android resources; some non-public, maybe future SDK tools or custom modifiions of these; manual of binaries, etc. Usually I can't do anything about it, but you could at lst try to replace parts by something valid. Actually it's quite likely that they aren't even used, because if they would, then appliion would crash.

Got problems ?
1. Make sure your path has no spaces
2. Your filename has no wierd characters
3. Java/adb are in your path
4. It's not a proprietary rom's apk (aka Sense,,) (If u are, then use option 11 and drag the required framework, eg com..resources, twframework-res...etc)
5. It's not a themed apk (if it is, expect .9 png errors, use as close to stock as possible)
6. Look at the log to know whats happening
7. If all else fails, post as much info as possible and we will try to assist you.
Add new fture to Randomly erate a new File for signing the apk files after modifying and recompiling of the apk files this will also allow of uploading to the android market as this added fture will allow you to sign apk files that you may of compiled without signing beforehand.

Modify the Signapk script to be compatible with the Randomly eration fture in the works
[B]and a few other added ftures are in the works as I am redesigning the appliion and rewriting a lot ofthe to fix issues as well as some of the new ftures have parts as some ftures have been moved and some command line prompts.

Installing APK Multi-Tool Itself
Instructions (Linux):
- Place apk in appropriate folder (Any filename will work, if running for first time folders will not be there, you must run and then the folders will be crted)
- Open terminal and change-directory to apkmanager (siest way is to type " ")
- Chmod 755
- Chmod 755 all files apps inside other folder (thanks for the tip bkmo )
- Run script by typing ./
- Minimize the script
- Edit files inside the out folder
- Maximize the script

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