Thursday, May 19, 2016

BlockWorld v0.19

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Crte Your Own World!

BlockWorld is an addictive independent action sandbox game similar to Minecraft with full destruct-able environment, monsters and challenging quests.

Why BlockWorld? Well, BlockWorld is a PREMIUM APP and the only game on Android with
- 4 different Sizes of Blocks
- High Quality Textures and HD GUI Design
- A.I. Monster Enemies
- Advanced Quest System
- RPG Elements: Fighting, XP, Level-Ups
- Undo-Function
- Endless large world based on natural aorithms
- Intuitive Touch Controls with Direct Manipulation
- Accelerometer Sensors and Full binding Support
- Visual Styles: Choose between Cartoon-, HD- and Retro-look
- Sound
- BlockWorld publishes innovative concepts first!

BlockWorld is very funny and entertains you for hours.
+ Best experience on a fast device. (Lags? Crashs? That mns your device is too slow!)
+ You can reduce graphics to improve the performance (Options)
+ I'm crting BlockWorld in my spare time. Plse support me

Thank you! You help me funding the development of this game!

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This is the full version of BlockWorld. You can tryout BlockWorld LITE for free.

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Note: This is not a Minecraft clone! Minecraft is a grt game! BlockWorld has unique ftures. I'm combining many different res to form a new and interesting game. Don't request me to do a 1:1 Minecraft clone!

Note:1. Download and install Apk.2. Change date to 2011.3. Run.
More Information:

Download: 18 mirror!Download(2 MB)

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