Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bob Orange - 3D Platformer v1.08 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Bob Orange is a super fun 3D platform game for your phone with 100 levels.

Crted in the style of classic platformer games like Super Mario Bros, Kirby and Wonder Boy. This 3D side scroller is sy to pick up and play.
The game has no adverts or in app purchases. The listed price gets you everything. Can be installed to SD card. Will run very smoothly on 700MHz plus CPU.
Fturing 100 levels with free online content levels added weekly for unlimited fun!
The game is packed with machines and items including: Jetpacks, Helicopters, Tunnelers, Balloons, Canons, apults, Conveyers, Warp Gates, Speed Shoes and more.
Jump down arcade pipes and play mini arcade machines to win extra life hrts. These cool arcade cabinets play the classic games like Space Invaders, Moon Buggy, Brkout and Grand Prix Racing.

Controls are sy and responsive: left,right and jump. Hold down jump for extra height and hang time.
You can use the on-screen controls or if your device has hardware buttons/ you can use them. The game ftures user defined controls.
You can also plug any USB gamepad into your device and define the controls for that, giving a rlly grt arcade experience.
The on-screen controls can be set narrow or wide for tablet or phone. You can hide the on-screen controls and then tap and slide anywhere on the screen to run and jump (recommended).
3 Play slots mns friends and family can also work their way through the game, everyones progress is saved seperately.
One tap camera button changes the zoom level of the game quickly and smoothly allowing for a map like overview or you can zoom right into the action.
Ftures 52 unique pieces of electronic techno music and lots of grt sound effects. Music and/or sound FX can be enabled/disabled.
The game is 2.5D, this mns that the map layouts are 2D but all of the models and animations are 3D, similar to Super New Mario Bros.
With the promotion price a high entertainment to price ratio is guaranteed at less than 1c per level.
The game works grt on any screen orientation or size. You can lock the screen rotation (for playing on a couch or in bed) or allow it to follow device orientation.
Bob Orange will keep any gamer happy for hours. Check out the below to see actual gameplay of a demo level.
are available for unlimited life, unlimited coins and all levels unlocked. So younger kids and toddlers can enjoy the game without too much frustration.

More Information:

com.silicondroid.boborange.apk (15.02 MB)

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