Thursday, May 19, 2016

Colony Sweepers v1.01.01 Mod (Unlimited Money) APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: ☆★Show your 'RL' Strategy - Strategy Defense Game ★☆

<'Colony Sweepers' Ftures>
- Born to rock the gamers who are getting tired of FAKE strategy games!
- Choose a right place to build a right tower and produce/consume the resource effectively!
- 33 Tower Cards to help you win the battle
- Monster will seek their own way to get rid of you! Don't let them be in your way.

- Build your towers to block monsters' route
- Power station produces electiricity and Steel Mill lets you gather metal.
- Sweep the monsters with Attack Tower
- Balanced use of resources is necessary
- Protect your vessel from monsters and WIN!

- Have you ever hrd of Metis System, far from the Solar System?
- Captain Lupen, who had been gone for exploration of Planet Thanatos has disappred
- Manipulated by Monsters of Thanatos, Captain Lupen comes back only to attack Metis System
- Colony Sweepers arise to remove the monsters out of their home planet!
- Look how Frantz's Colony Sweeper sweep the monsters!
- Why did monsters attack Metis System?
What are the 'Balancing Stones' that they are looking for?

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