Thursday, May 19, 2016

DaVinci Mystery New ! v2.1.1 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: The most immersive and impressive sci-fi FPS franchise on smart is back!

Did you know that the identity of Leonardo Da Vinci shrouded in mystery till nowadays? ch of his invention is a mystery of grt ius. And game of Planemo studios "Da Vinci Mystery" devoted to this mysterious ius.
In "Da Vinci Mystery" you have to solve different riddles and puzzles. For convenience they are divided into four egories: logic, math, MENSA society riddles and history. In the beginning it's opened only one riddle in ch egory. The solution of the any puzzle will give access to the next two.
Riddles in additional egory, opened according to the obtained achievements.
If you want to try the puzzle of an additional egory, check your achievements in the "Profile". Also, if you are "stuck" in the game and/or can not find the answer to some mystery, there is button to automatically obtain an answer to the puzzle was sy. But the amount of times to use the button very limited, so use it wisely.
♥ New interface design in iphone style
♥ More riddles ! You can try new egory
♥ Supports two languages ​​simultaneously without incrsing the size of the appliion
♥ More convenient navigation between puzzles
♥ Answers
♥ Calculator
♥ Expanded the list of supported devices
♥ And more!


★ In game you will find tips that can help you in solving if you are "stuck."

★ Also, to facilitate solutions and convenience there is a Notepad and "Paint" or Calculator in the game.

★ Notepad can be useful to record your thoughts about the decision.

★ "Painter" can help if you want to outline your thoughts.

★ Calculator will be useful for solving certain mathematical riddles

In ch egory there are five "Bosses". To open them you need to solve a quantity of tasks in ch egory. As follows from the context, "bosses" are more complied than ordinary riddles. But when you solve them you can get special achievements, that will open the mystery of Da Vinci as well as lrn interesting facts about him.
So you can try "Pro" version with no ads and more levels !
Play throughfully!

EN/RU Languages

More Information:
Download:daVinciRelse.apk (7.3 MB)

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