Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dd Crossing v1.01 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: If you are a fan of guns, love driving, and enjoy killing zombies, let’s go!!

It's a rl 3D driving game!

Game Ftures:
Kill zombies and dd walkers in highway
3 different scenes of the desolated world
More than 10 types of exciting guns
8 vehicles of various characteristics
Upgradble powerful Particle Canon System
Mission Mode and Endless Mode to fully test your gaming skills
Challenging game difficulty that demands practicing

Story:A severe hdache suddenly awaked you. Looking out of the window, it takes you no time to lrn the Doomsday had finally come. The city had fallen to zombies and became terrifying ruins. Several zombies turned their blood stained hds to this direction as they had smelled a living person. Quickly they dashed to you and there was just enough time to lift your arms: left to control the steering wheel and right to fire the gun at the zombie roaring a glass away. Its hd exploded, its blood sprayed all over the car window. Step hvily on the gas with your last strength, you started the vehicle and crashed zombies in your way. Now it’s time to brk out the garage and run for your life!
You are a skillful mechanic in the game. To save your life, you have to constantly upgrade your vehicles and canons. Drive your vehicles flexibly to crash zombies into pieces and remember the rule: “shoot the hd or you will be dd”!

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