Thursday, May 19, 2016

Double Dragon v2.9.0 APK

Requirements: Android x+
Overview: The Game of Led Returns!!!

“Double Dragon,” the ground-brking horizontal-scrolling action game returns! Experience a ledary favorite for the first time with this tour de force of gaming!

- Enhanced “Double Dragon” for the Android!
This title offers new forms of combat, characters, graphics, and music, to name just a few.

- Pulse-Pounding 2D Battle Action
Experience the responsive touch screen operation that sucks you right into the action!

** for a free membership to G-Gee is required upon playing this game.
**Ranking functions and SNS ftures will be provided in the nr future.

**Recommended devices: Galaxy Series, Desire or newer, Droid/Xoom/RAZR Series, Xperia Series, Optimus Series, Pantech Vega Series
**Plse note that not all Android devices are supported nor guaranteed to be supported.

More Information:

DoubleDragon.apk (3.4 MB)

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