Thursday, May 19, 2016

GrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text

GrooVe IP -Free Calls+ Text v2.0.2 Apk
Voice without Minutes!
Turn your Androiddeviceinto afree phone.Get a freeUSphone that will be able to receivecallsfrom anywhere in the world. In addition, you will be able to makeunlimited callsto US and Canadian phone sfor freeusingVoice over IP(VoIP) technology.

You get all of this without using any of your cellular minutes. GrooVe IP works on any androiddevice,mobile phoneor tablet, and allows you to makecallsusing the device’s data (WiFi or mobile data) connection. If you have a smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, you can use this app to convert it to a free, full-ftured working phone. If you are traveling overss, you can take your device with you and make/receivecallsfor freeon WiFi without paying any carrier roaming charges.
GrooVe IP has a separate dialer that can be used to makecalls. Alternatively, the native dialer, call-log, contacts, and favorite functionality can be shared between the phone and app on a call-by-call basis.

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