Thursday, May 19, 2016

Half-Life v1.0 APK

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up. ARMv6+
Overview: Half-Life—the debut title by Valve Software—took the PC gaming world by storm upon its.

This is port of half life, game working on quake engine.
Built off of a hvily modified version of the Quake engine, Half-Lifeboasts much-improved graphics, artful ingame scripted sequences and oneof the most immersive storylines of any game to date! Gameplay includes amix of intense action-oriented combat and various puzzles, all combinedin a continuous and immense world.

Players find themselves in the shoes of Dr. Gordon Freeman, atheoretical physicist who inadvertently triggers the horrific incidentknown as the "resonance cascade" while performing an experiment, causingmassive destruction, dth and an alien infestation of the entire BlackMesa Resrch Facility. With a trusty crowbar (and a slew of otherwponry he finds on the way) and all the help he can get, Gordon findshimself pitted against both the aliens from the planet Xen and adangerous military force known as the Hazardous Environment CombatUnit—who were dis to cln up the situation&mdashscientistsincluded! Can he get out alive?
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More Information:

Instructions:1) Install apk file
2) Download "cache"
3) Cache put to your memory card (where you want)
4) open apk i and found place where you have put "cache".
SD Files:UploadedTurbobitGturbobit

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