Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to run XP on Android

So running xp on your Android device is possible.

It's super slow, and well...just rlly slow and a grt battery killer. But..still fun. This can work on your phone and tablet. So let's begin.

(First, make sure you have a bootable version of xp. Idlly, if it's packed into one simple .iso file then it will make your life a whole lot sier.)

For detailed instructions along with download links look here:

(or check here if the above site is down)

Anyone who is having trouble finding the .IMG file, you can download and use this

Quick links:
Bochs for Android: showthrd.p?t=1389700 and also download the zip folder that's provided in that link. It will be called ""

Bochs for PC: See+All+Relses&url=...

Qemu manager for PC: download.htm

Here's the link to the original guide I got this from, you will also need to copy and paste the first user's source into your bochsrc.txt file. showthrd.p?t=1465365

And voila that's all you need to get started!

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