Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ikaruga v13.01.01 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+,Root
Overview: The Xbox Live Arcade Action Shooter Ikaruga is now available on Android for play on the go!

karuga is the first of its kind for Smart with its butiful interface and its smooth UI system. Using your built in shield, absorb all enemy fire and unlsh your power! Tr your way through the game!
If you wish to change your User Settings or Rd the User Guide, plse tap Option within the Game interface. Then Tap Help, and change your settings as desired.

Storyline:Long ago nr the land of Horai ravaged a massive battle between Horai's forces and a freedom federation called Tenkaku. The Tenkaku fought in the nameof freeing the world from Horai's tyrannous grasp, but in vain.
Out of all the Tenkaku, only one survived. His name was Shinra.
Shinra, enraged by deft, charged into battle alone once more to fight, but was shot down by a village in the furthest rches of the world.
The village was known as Ikaruga and it was filled with elder people whom had long ago been exiled after Horai's various conquests. They found Shinra and decided to help him. While unconscious, they used their technology to copy the technology of Shinra's ship and added their own powers, knowing he was the world's hope against the Horai. When Shinra came to, the elders bestowed upon him the finished ship, also known as Ikaruga.
The fated battle of the Ikaruga has begun!

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