Thursday, May 19, 2016


Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The Ultimate Online RPG on Smart is finally here on Android!

The Ultimate, Free-to-Play, Online RPG App on Smart is finally here on Android!

■About the Basic Free-to-Play Online RPG
・We recommend playing this online RPG with the most recent Android OS.
・This is an Online Role Playing Game with basic free-to-play and in-game purchase options.
・It may take several minutes to start when booting the App for the very first time.
Plse wait until the download dialogue apprs in the menu.
・An additional data download is required when booting the App for the very first time.
Plse download this additional data under a stable connection environment.
・The download may fail if the connection is suddenly interrupted.
Plse retry downloading the game again if this occurs.
【Introduction to the Free-to-Play, Online RPG “KINGDOM CONQUEST”】
The “Kingdom Conquest” RPG App, achieving 1 throughout the world under the “Free RPG” egory, is finally here on Android!
■The acclaimed RPG App uniting 3D Action Adventure and Massive Multiplayer RTS is here on Android!
■Conquer the 9 towers throughout Magna, The Land of Monsters and become king!
Enter a world of vicious monsters and sly enemies that test your courage and determination!
Only 1 Alliance can be victorious! Will that chosen Alliance be yours?
Plse fully enjoy this truly online RPG App!
・Gather Magna’s rich resources, conquer uncharted territories, and expand your empire!
・Crte Alliances and conquer enemy territories with others throughout the world!
・An online RPG fturing 3D Action Adventure with dungeon exploration and monster slaying !
Up to 4 players can be played at the same time.
・Use the in-game Auction to sell and trade troops that are used in the RTS field of combat.
■About the Basic Free-to-Play Online RPG Support
SEGA offers user support for the KINGDOM CONQUEST App.
However, there may be special cases where Android Market, in-game purchase issues and App instability issues cannot be resolved by our staff.

What's in this version:Ver 1.1.6
* UI Fixes
- “Hunting”/”Resting” status also displayed in the “Unit” screen.
- Added button to transfer from “Pack” to “Dungeon” screen.
- Added button to transfer from “Dungeon” to “Pack” screen.
* Fixed Dynast Progress
* Added Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korn skill descripton for “First Lady”.
* Purchased & In-Use Shop items at World End are returned as items in World Unifiion/Reset.
* Fixed Minor Issues
* Fixed screen display issues on certain devices.

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