Thursday, May 19, 2016

Memory Reboot PRO v2.2.1

Memory Reboot PRO v2.2.1 Apk
Keep your phone's memory low with Memory Reboot PRO 2 and enjoy its visualhelp! Close all unnecessary running processes to free as much memory as possible and make your device run smoothly.All in onesimple and intuitive app!

You will be able to:
- Close all running processes with just one buttonpress.
-View allyour apps and select which ones you want to keep running when you reboot your memory.
- Configure automatic memory reboots on devices lock/unlock, at any time interval or time of the day.
- Enjoy abar graphtohelpyou compare the average memory that your device uses.
- Modify the time interval in which a memory msurement and graph update are performed.
- Choose what type of notifiion you should receive on every reboot.
- Reboot from Home Screen with one simple widget.
- Choose between several different colorschemesfor your app. (More coming soon)

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