Thursday, May 19, 2016


Choose a role and motoryou liketo ride on race course in field. Smash the gas pedal asyou liketo pursuit for refreshment, speed, damage and Crash n’ .With more vivid effects, it is the craziest destroyingrace gameyou have ever seen. But remember, bravos, the craziness is limited only in the game.
★Set out now, bravos, GO!!!
There are two modes in the game
★The mode of limitless challenges;★ the mode of passing task levels
Motor types in the game:
★Theflexiblnd high-speed two-wheeled motors fture sensitive avoidance.
★The four-wheeled motors with design fture stronger impact force.
★There are five motor types with different properties for you to experience.
s of the game:
★The HD3D s, along with their wholeness, delieness and richness, will nevertireyou during riding; the optimization onhigh performance, the fluent operation and small capacity are what you never experienced before.
★Ride the motor through accelerometer controlling.
★Speed up at any time; loosen hands when the engine gets hot and an alarm is hrd, or the motor will get exploded and you will need to restart it.
★Crashvehicleson the roadside any timeyou like. You will get not only the excitement of crashing, but also correspondinggold coins.
★The accumulation ofgold coinsto a certain degree can be used for reviving or exchanging for more advanced racing cars.
★More game scenes and racing motors for selection will be added gradually in the following updates, and a multi-persons fighting mode will be coming soon. Instructions:Thanks to max982…3_Mod.apk.html

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