Thursday, May 19, 2016

PPSSPP Gold (PSP Emulator) v0.5 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview:PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for Android and other platforms!

It is being developed at a rapid speed and compatibility is incrsing quickly, but there are many games it doesn't run yet and it doesn't run fast on Android yet.

Plse go to for more information.

No games are included with this download, you will have to dump your own PSP games and turn them into .ISO or .CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which are available online.

PSP is a trademark of , Inc.

IMPORTANT: Plse do not give bad reviews due to low compatibility. It takes time.

What's in this version: (Updated : Jan 4, 2013)
brings a lot more compatibility, better sound and better graphics!
Next version will bring the speed.

More Info:


Game and Demo Compatibility (For more check the Forum)NamereRegionFormatVersionOSCompatibilityNotesCredit7 Wonders of the Ancient WorldPuzzleUSISOv0.4IngameManaged blindly get to ingame.BlackDaemonAI GoStrategyJPISOv0.31Android/IngameCan make one move then it hangs.HenrikBlade DancerRPGUSISOv0.31Android/Ingamerches menu, but soon crashes, still flickers but no more graphical glichesCloud1250000BlazBlueFighterUSISOv0.4Android/PlayableAudio is , slow on android and no saving.HenrikBlazBlue IIFighterUSISOv0.4Android/PlayableAudio is , slow on android and no saving.HenrikBlokusPuzzleUSISOv0.31Andorid/IngameCan walk around the house and talk to people.HenrikBomberman Panic BomberActionUSISOv0.31Andorid/MenusGets to the Menu, but no choices apprHenrikBrth of FireRPGUSISOv0.31Android/IntroVery title screenHenrikCabelas Ledary AdventuresSportUSISOv0.31IngameBut many graphical issues and unplayable.cloud1250000CubeDemoN/AELFv0.31AllWorksThis is not a game, but rather a demo used in showing that a PSP emulator works.Can be foundhereDisga 2StrategyUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroCrashes after loading screenDonnershlagg-sanExitPuzzleUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroStuck on Now Loading animationmurat17Exit 2PuzzleUSCSOv0.2AndroidIntroStuck on Now LoadingjohnylimFate ExtraRPGUSISOv0.4Android/PlayableAudio and graphics glitches.Henrik/cloud1250000FIFA Street 2SportUSCSOv0.4AndroidIntroOnly gets to the first loading screen, and gets stuck there.NBCsChuckFinal Fantasy Crisis CoreRPGUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroStuck at Square Enix LogodrgciFinal Fantasy Tactics: War of the LionsTactical RPGUSISOv0.3AndroidIntroGets to Square Enix logo but hangs.AnonomonoFormula One 2006RacingEUCSOv0.4IntroOnly the loading icon apprs.YurakuV34Harvest Moon Boy & GirlRPGUSISOv0.31Android/IntroTitle ScreenHenrikKillzone Liberation3rd Person ActionUSISOv0.3AndroidIntrocrash after introslawomirKing of PoolSportEUCSOv0.2AndroidMenusBlocks in the menusdivenKnights in the NightmareRPG/RTSUSISOv0.4PlayableCompletely playable with decent speed.cloud1250000LemmingsPuzzleEUCSOv0.4PCIngameLemmings not visibleHenrikLet's GolfSportUSCSOv0.4AndroidIntro"Somehow managed to get into the game, but the scenery is all black."GuilhermeGS2Loco RocoPlatformerEUCSOv0.2AndroidIntroCrashes After IntroKasetLoco Roco 2PlatformerEUISOv0.31Android/IntroDoesn't move past language selectHenrikLuminesPuzzleUSISOv0.4Android/IngameOnly audio now.HenrikMetal Slug XXActionUSCSOv0.3AndroidMenusLoops on loading screensxxjahasotoxxMod Nation RsRacingEUCSOv0.4MenusGets to the menu.P.CoolmanMonster Hunter Freedom UniteAction/AdventureUSCSOv0.2AndroidMenusCrash on Character Select ScreenWatchGintamaMotoGPRacingUSISOv0.4Android/PlayableGraphics are much better, still on PC onlyHenrikMystMysteryUSISOv0.31AndroidIngameCursor doesn't work.slawomirN+PlatformerEUCSOv0.4AndroidIntroGets stuck at the animated starting screen.NixolaNeed for Speed: ShiftRacingUSISOv0.2Android/IntroFreezes once the loading bar completesGazaIanNHL 07SportUSCSOv0.4AndroidIntroGets stuck at loading screen.NBCsChuckPQ - Practical lice QuotientPuzzleUSISOv0.31Android/MenusSome menusHenrikPrince of PersiaAction/AdventureUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroHangs after IntroDevastator004Project Diva ExtendRhythmJPISOv0.4Android/PlayableNrly flawless but experiences slow downs and sound flaws.gluemchenPuyo Pop FeverPuzzleUSISOv0.31Android/PlayableQuite playable, Euns out of memory after a while.HenrikPuzzle Bobble DeluxePuzzleUSISOv0.31Android/PlayableVery playable, may have to disable audio to play smoothlyHenrikPuzzle GuzzlePuzzleEUISOv0.31AndroidIngameGoes ingame but lots of flickeringKasetPuzzle QuestPuzzle/RPGUSISOv0.31Android/PlayableQuite playable, no audio.HenrikRidge RRacingUSISOv0.31Android/IntroThe "loading game" kind of works, sometimes!HenrikRocky BalboaSportUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroCrashes when pressing XslawomirSega esis CollectionCollectionUSISOv0.3AndroidIntroemulator crashes after introslawomirSilent Hill OriginsHorror/SuspenseUSISOv0.31AndroidIntroSmall logo then crashslawomirStar SoldierShooterUSISOv0.31Android/IngameBorderline Playable, runs out of memory after a while.HenrikStreet Fighter Alpha 3FighterUSISOv0.2AndroidMenusBlack background at menuslawomirStriker 1945 PlusShooterUSCSOv0.2AndroidIntrocrashes after introjohnylimSuper Pocket TennisSportUSISOv0.31AndroidPlayablePlayable if you use your imagination. Lots of elements are missing but you can still play.slawomirTales of EterniaRPGUSISOv0.31Android/IngameVery buggy but goes ingame.HenrikTeken 5: Dark RessurectionFighterUSCSOv0.4MenuOnly the Namco logo apprs.YurakuV34The 3rd BirthdayRPGUSISOv0.4IntroGets to intro then blacks out.sup3rgh0stThe History Channel: Grt Battles of RomeWarUSISOv0.31AndroidIntroLogo is shown then the screen goes blackslawomirThe Power Stone CollectionFighterUSCSOv0.4IntroFreezes at title screensup3rgh0stUntold Leds: Brotherhood of the BladeRPGUSISOv0.2AndroidIntroCrashes after prologueslawomirWipeout PulseRacingUSISO/CSOv0.4Intro"Fades into " Computer Entertainment Presents", then fades out"sup3rgh0stWipeout PureRacingUSISOv0.31Android/IntroStuck at " Presents"...HenrikYggdra UnionTactical RPGUSISOv0.31Android/Intro"No more flickering and we can sily rch the menu"Cloud1250000Ys I&II ChroniclesRPGUSCSOv0.31MenusThe option button does not work. Blank after loading screens.mik3y1990

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