Thursday, May 19, 2016

Premium Widgets & Wther v2.3.8 Apk Full App

* 3 Wther providers (OpenWther, World Wther, Wunderground) included - choose the one that works best for you!
* 6 different Widgets + 10 different themes. Widgets include Digital Clock, special effects like rain drops or clouds, and wther forecast.
* InstaShare function included - Put wther on your photos and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks!
* Daily morning wther notifiion
* Full screen mode with butiful wther animations and detailed forecast.
* Up to 7-day wther forecast
* Radar and precipitation map
* Sunset/Sunrise hour

Premium Widgets is the fastest growing wther app. We are working hard to make it always better, we want it to be the best.
If you like this app, plse lve a positive, 5 star review. It's rlly important and it will help us a lot!
If you have any question, contact us using the "support" button in settings. We will do our best to reply immediately!

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