Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saturday Morning RPG v1.2 [OUYA Mod] APK

Requirements:Android 4.1+
Overview:Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic role-playing game firmly set in a world inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.

The game follows the story of Martin “Marty” Hall, an average high school student who has been gifted a powerful ability to channel magic through everyday objects. With his newfound powers Marty has inadvertently attracted the ire of the world’s most heinous villain – the evil Commander Hood. This lds Marty into a series of dangerous plans that he must unravel to save the world (several times!).
Saturday Morning RPG is a Japanese style RPG that allows players to build Marty’s power up throughout multiple stand alone episodes. Players can carry over stats, inventory, and even story decisions between these episodes (sometimes your actions in one episode will ripple into previous or future episodes!). Saturday Morning RPG is a truly unique and engrossing role-playing game experience that can not be missed!

Relse Notes: Modded For Touchscreens [Controllers still work though! ]

More Info:

Download: APKZippyshare (108 MB)

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