Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slice HD v1.5 MOD[Unlocked] apk game download

Slice HD is a sinisterpuzzlegame for yourAndroid device. The goal ofthe gameis to clr layers of very sharp blades to push the redbutton. Push all the buttons in order and you win. While trying to open thepuzzleyou must not touch the sharp edges of the blades or you will get SLICED. When this happens, blood spills from your finger(s) onto the glass and thepuzzlewill reset. The blades only move in specific patterns that you must intuit by touch. Often, you must use multiple fingers to hold blades open while you manipulate other blades with other fingers. This game is rlly about trying to figure out the hidden behaviours of the blades and moving the blades out of the way, carefully.
Grt party game and a GRT tablet game! SupportsGoogle PlayServices with lder boards and achievements.
First 12 levels are free.
The additional level packs are purchasable.What’s New
AddedGoogle PlayServices, with lder boards and achievements.
Minor fixes and changes.More Info:….twofish.sliceDownloadInstructions:

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