Thursday, May 19, 2016

The End v1.0 APK

Requirements: Android 3.1+
Overview: Bloody hell! London is under water! Run, like hell to Survive! Survivoress and Yukiko are lost in London, but Bobby, the British cop knows the whole city inside out! The whole city is flooded, sandbags block your way, shipwrecked vessels block your view, BigBen is crashed, double-deckers capsized, and police cars ed down, but the TowerBridge still stands!

Download TheEndApp and get lost in the madness! There is more action than you can handle! Don’t forget: never ever take your eyes off the duct tape. Collect them!

☆ Original water effects;
☆ 3 new characters with unique animation and original voice overs;
☆ New music;
☆ New challenges, 7 days, five ch;
☆ Running in four new environments, fifty new levels;
☆ Bug fixes;
☆ Redesigned User Interface;
☆ New main screen animation;
☆ Chance for Free users to look around in the Pro Zone, the Pro Ticket;
☆ Chance to rn free duct tape /virtual currency/;
☆ Flawless and challenging game play;
☆ New Master and London achievements;
☆ Game Center improvements;
☆ Endless runner for free, gratis;
☆ TheEndApp retina game plses your eyeballs!]
Download:121008theendapp.apk (48.23 MB)Mirror

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