Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throne on Fire v1.0 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: "Throne on Fire" is an online strategy game set in the fantacy world of medieval. You start your journey with a humble village which you grow over time into a prosperous capital. On your path to glory you will have to expand your power by developing strong economy, defting mighty monsters and forging a fred army to conquer the world against other players!

To compete with thousands of other players from all over the world and write your own led you must master the art of diplomacy as well as military activities of scouting, plundering and sieging enemies. Come to establish the unbrkable alliance with your friends, to destroy every hostile force and be the ultimate mighty Lord of the world.
Ftures: -sy to lrn but difficult to master, the game was designed to be fun for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert in strategy games to enjoy throne on fire.
-There is no required to play. Once in the game, an extensive tutorial will guide you through your first steps.

-Abundant missions including daily missions, lord missions and special holiday missions, you won't be lonely on the way to be the emperor!

-Win fancy trsures, epic wpons by defting mighty dungeons and bosses.
-Different path to glory, to be a fred conqueror or a pceful trader, all by your own choice!

-Intense and exciting arena player killing system, one-to-one battle between players at different grades, belongs to the ultimate winner!

-Five types of military units, dozens of economic and military technology, to build your own vast empire!

-More than twenty types of mounts for you to gallop and ledary mount “dragon king” for you to master!

-Forging alliances with your friends so you can all benefits from trading or defting powerful enemies together.

-Built-in SNS Farm game, more fun by stling resources from friends, pray for friends for gold. No more boring recource collection like traditional strategy game.

-Enormous epic wpons, armors, artifacts, mounts and 5 types of gemstones to enhance your equiment and speed up your path to glory!

-Completed push notifiion, build up, completed upgrade, enemy attacks, pay close attention to important messages for you all the time!

-Stunning graphic, fascinating music, the best looking game in its re . Buildings change apprance when rch higher levels.

More Information:
Download: com.ildsoft.googleplay.wzws_1.apk (11.1 MB)

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