Thursday, May 19, 2016

Army VS Zombie v1.0.1 Mod (Free Shopping) APK

Requirements:Android 2.1+
Overview:Hitler made his own military immotal Zombie troops in the forbidden way to turn the war situation pushed by the Allied Forces into his favor during Second World War.

Zombie troops forced the Allied Forces into the corner in a flash and the situation reversed. Hitler's Zombie troops captured the world and people turned into Hitler's zombie losing hope.

People asked for help but god did not answer at all.

When people fall into despair, one Man with Fire Iron Hand appred and started bting Zombie troops.

The guy was a worrier sent by the future forces to get rid of Hitler.

* Game Explanation- Action defense game, very simple to play.
- Control Hero and Produce troops to bt zombie.
- Enjoy Powerful hitting actions and Fancy graphic design incomparable to existing defense game.
- Enjoy HARD mode when clr every stage.

* Game Ftures- 75 stages and 6 boss units
- Various skills and Visual effects
- Simple to play

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Download: Credits to bhgboxUploaded

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