Thursday, May 19, 2016

Epic Citadel v1.0 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Enter Epic Citadel, the dynamic fantasy setting of the award-winning Infinity Blade.

From the circus bazaar to the sweeping hedral in the center of town, Epic Citadel dazzles with a visual parade of special effects, as only imagined by Epic Games and powered by the critically acclaimed Unrl Engine 3.

Are you rdy to explore the rlm of the Epic Citadel and all the butiful secrets it holds?
Epic Citadel was crted using the same tools and technology used to develop high-end console games, now delivered for Android devices!
Unrl Engine 3 for mobile gaming platforms is scalable yet packed with the same tools hundreds of thousands of users work with to crte games, simulations and animated content.
• Amazing visuals. ”Epic Citadel” pushes the envelope for stunning visuals on Android devices. Through the latest advances in Unrl Engine 3 technology, the appliion delivers unrivaled graphics and special effects that immerse players in the kingdom’s grounds.
• Benchmarking mode. "Epic Citadel" allows you to gather performance data for your Android device through benchmarking mode, which includes frames per second stats as well as quality settings and resolution.
• Rlistic reflections and animations. Environment mapping and other high-end rendering techniques produce lifelike reflections, and vertex deformation and skeletal animation bring trees and banners to life with dynamic movements.
• Global illumination. Unrl Engine 3’s built-in global illumination system, Unrl Lightmass, provides rlistic lighting and shadows with minimal development resources.
• Dynamic specular lighting with texture masks. Sophistied graphics ftures impart a tangible quality to cobblestone roads and vivid reflective marble surfaces, while lens flares and light coronas add dramatic emphasis when panning across light sources.

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SD Files: Android/obb:RapidgatorTurbobit

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