Thursday, May 19, 2016

ASTRO File Manager / Browser Pro v4.0.423 APK

Requirements: Android v4.0+
Overview: ASTRO File Manager has over 13 million downloads on the Android Market and allows you to sily manage all of your files on your phone or tablet. Pictures, music, documents, s... ASTRO is in most Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books like Amazing Android Apps. DOWNLOAD NOW and join the ASTRO family.

ASTRO File Manager has 35 million downloads on the Android Market and 290,000 reviews!

It's like Explorer or Mac’s Finder for your phone or tablet and allows you to sily browse and organize all of your pictures, music, s and documents. It also gives you the ability to stop processes that battery life and backup your apps in case you lose or change .

Personalize the look of ASTRO by downloading different colored icon sets using our "theme" fture!

It’s picture view works better than standard galleries and ASTRO is in dozens of Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books. DOWNLOAD NOW.

Ftures include: file management, android file browser, file and/or app backup, and text viewers, networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, srch files, appliion manager, task manager, attachments and more…

Plse visit our new support portal for a Quick Start Guide, FAQ's and Documentation.

Recent Changes:

*** We've added Themes to ASTRO ***

Download Android's most popular file manager and choose from many icon sets and colors including v2's "Classic" ASTRO look and feel.

- Fixed the Force Close happening on upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0
- Fixed App Backup issues
- Honeycomb support
- New UI and icon set (more options for colors and icon set in next relses)
- Drag and Drop files
- Analytics: ASTRO users, we are gathering non-personal analytics (such as what functions are used the most) in order to better understand user behavior. We will use this so we can focus our development efforts in ars that our customers use often rather than functions that are not. If you do not want analytics, in the Pro Version you can turn analytics off.
- A few more bug fixes and stability fixes

The ad free version, ASTRO File Mng Pro is available on the left (see More from developer)

ASTRO currently supports 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korn, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Portuguese.

Recent changes:
Jelly Bn & Ice Crm Sandwich users: Brand New ASTRO v4.0 with a new interface, user experience and ftures including cloud integration's.

- Side swipe to get to different loions fast
- Manage files on Google Drive & Dropbox from ASTRO
- Srch files by type regardless of loion

Non-Jelly Bn Users: we will be rolling v4 to you over the next few weeks.
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Latest version: ASTRO-4.0.423 (, supports App2SD)

Note: not need -file.

This app has NO advertisements

More Information:
Download:aa23s.apk (4.61 MB)

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