Thursday, May 19, 2016

PSX4droid v3.0.7 + Tutorial, Roms APK

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Psx4Droid is a Playstation 1 emulator for high-end android devices.
Play your favorite PSX/PS1 on your Android device (Final Fantasy, Spyro, Rayman, Tekken, Tony Hawk etc).

Fture packed including:
- Uses formats BIN, IMG, ISO, PBP, Z, ZNX and Eboot!
- Force feedback emulation!
- WiiMote controller!
- Minimize option to send it to background!
- Trackball dpad!
- Rl-time save/load state!
- Virtual control overlays!
- Scaling modes!
- much more!

Play your favorite PSX/PS1 on your Android device.- Final Fantasy 7
- Metal Gr
- Dragonball Z
- Resident Evil 2
- Madden NFL
- Tony Hawk
- Rayman
- Spyro
- Street Fighter Alpha
- and many more!!!

Instructions:1. Download APK.
2. Install APK.
3. Select Bios file.
4. Select ROM.
5. Have Fun!

More Information:

Download: 18 mirrors!
psx4droid_v3.0.7beta.apk (3 MB)

Bios file: SCPH1001.BIN

Roms: 5100+
You can find all Emulators and all PSX ISO Games for free here.

Set Up & Installing RomsIssues with the PSX4Droid app? follow these steps. But 1 word of advice 1st, you CANNOT download roms using the browser on your mobile droid! you must use a PC to download ROM's and then transfer them over to your phone.

Step 1: Download psx4droid in the android market direct to your phone(srch psx4droid and it will come up)
Step 2: Connect your phone to your computer via usb and crte a folder (on the phone SD card, it will probably be e: SD card) where you will place your Bios file and Roms, crte a new folder called PSX
Step 3: google the term scph1001.bin and download the file OR click on the file name in bold!
Step 4: drag and drop the scph1001.bin file in the newly crted folder PSX on your phone.
Step 5: go to any psx rom site, I use and select Playstation, find the game you want! there may be up to 13+ files per game, for this example I will get Final Fantasy 7. There are however other Rom sites HERE
Step 6: Download ch part and save them to your desktop. They will be saved as rar files.
Step 7: Download WINRAR (google it) get the evaluation version and save it to your PC. Or click on the link in bold!!
Step 8: Make a new file on your PC with the name of the Game your downloading, for this example I will use FF7, so the new file is C:/FF7
Step 9: Go back to your desktop to where you saved the game RAR files. Just double click on one of them, now select the option (extract to and choose the file you just set up in section 8 (C:/FF7 in this case). They will now extract all the rar files into one large RAR file.
Step 10: Go to the File you set up (c/FF7 in this example) and it should have one large RAR file, (it will have put all 12 files together) again click extract to and choose the same file (ff7), it will now extract the large file and convert it into a BIN file or an IMG. This is the file PSX4DROID needs
Step 11: Connect your phone to the PC and drag the new IMG or BIN file to your PSX folder on the phone
Step 12: Disconnect your phone and open PSX4droid. Click on Menu and choose settings, select PSX Bios File, goto your PSX folder and choose the scph1001.bin file. (you only ever need to go into this ONCE)
Step 13: Now click on your back arrowand goto your PSX folder and choose the Final Fantasy game (or whatever game you donwloaded bin or IMG file, the game will now load!)

Just remember once you have set the bios file up (menu > settings > PSX BIOS File, then point to PSX folder and choose scph1001.bin ) NEVER change it, lve it alone.

PerformanceIf you think games run slow, it may be you have too much running on the phone at the same time. Look in the section at the driver , its running on a 728mhz droid, pretty low compared to new , but it runs well. If you have a 1gig processor it should run games VERY well. Try the following tips to improve performance!

1. Close Live Wallpapers, they drain memory
2. Close Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS & Sync
3. Close any other running apps
4. If you dont need internet while playing hold the off button and wait for a menu, click on Mobile Network.
5. Goto settings, appliions, running services. Close any not needed
6. In the settings for PSX4droid goto sound and turn it off. It is usually very garbled anyway. So turn it off if you can, it will run a lot faster!!!!!!!
Those steps should speed up games as it will free up a lot of memory. Lots of comments on the market saying it runs slow on an Desire, or you need rooted 1.4 mhz droid. In a word NO. It runs well on the desire, I have one, just make sure your phone is not running 10 Other apps or widgets / services they will slow it down a LOT. This will work on lower end droids as long as you free up memory!!
11. Scaling - if you set the scaling to scaled, 2x or stretched it will slow the games down as the is being stretched over its normal size. Try scaling > scaled or 2x 1st if the framerate is too slow try scaling > original. The screen will be smaller but it will run at twice the speed. On my desire it is normally fine but on some racing games with lots on screen I sometimes need to go to scaling > Original! then it flys along!

Flickering or Flashing ScreenIf you get a flashing or flickering screen or grabled strks of colour, it may be the app has not actually closed, at time when I run a game it flickers and flashes like a strobe, it seems it had not stopped from the last time I used it. So try this:

1: Stop psx4droid
2: Go to settings > Appliions > Manage Appliions > PSX4Droid
3: Click on force stop if the option is available
4: Re-Start psx4droid, it should now work with no issues

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