Thursday, May 19, 2016

Iron Crusade v1.0.9 Mod (Unlimited Diamond) APK

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Join the elite Imperial tank squad! Conquer planet after planet! Expand the Empire!

You think you are a veteran player and nothing can impress you? Then you have never played Iron Crusade. Experience the hardcore gameplay of Iron Crusade!

Iron Crusade is a single player, old school, turn-based action with classic 8-bit graphics and sound. Control the tank and survive in a ddly, fully destructible world. Everything can be destroyed –the enviornment, platforms, wpons, your enemies and even you…

You are the sole defense against hordes of enemy tanks! Turn on all your strategic skills to bt angry armored tanks. Use your imagination to slaughter challenging enemies. Attentively collect ammo, first aid kits, and crystals, used to upgrade powerful wpons and purchase mightier tanks. The only things of value in this cruel world are the crystals, your mind and brute force!
Beware of your enemies. ch enemy is smart and aggressive with a unique wpon and a special ability. Avoid the mine traps. You must survive! You must win! You are the last hope for the Empire!

And that’s just the beginning. There’s no time to spare, put on your helmet and fight for your Emperor!

Main Ftures:
- Mind-blowing, turn-based action!
- Old school graphics and sound!
- Rlistic physics!
- Fully destructible environment!
- 22 levels!
- Upgradable wpons!
- Unique player tanks!
- Variable enemies and bosses on ch planet!
- 15 achievements!

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