Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kingdom Conquest II v1.1.0.0 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The true sequel of "Kingdom Conquest", which has now recorded over 3.5 million downloads worldwide!

Awesome new graphics and a variety of new ftures!
New players too can jump in and enjoy the game!

Two yrs since its first relse, "Kingdom Conquest II" is finally here!
Combination of immersive full 3D combat, and full-scale simulation with many added ftures. Take control by forming an alliance with players from around the world!

◆ Form alliance and conquer Magna, the land of monsters with your comrades!
Which alliance shall capture of the soaring Debris Towers of Magna to find glory in the land of monsters?
Wisely use all resource of Magna, expand your territory and establish your own kingdom!
Crte an alliance with players from around the world to conquer all of Magna!

◆ Fast-pace and full 3D combat action
Co-op with online players to explore dungeons!
Use wpons and magic during 3D combat mode to deft monsters and further explore the dungeon!
Enjoy action-packed combat with 3rd person view and character controls from behind.

◆ Full-scale simulation (City Development)
Develop the ruined city and establish your mega fortress!
3D rendered map and grter freedom to develop city comparedto KC1.

◆ Intense Field Battle (Card Battles)
Edit your deck of monster cards and crte a powerful unit!
The new "Commander" fture will intensify your monster battles!

◆ Comrades from around the globe!
Scheduled to support 9 languages (with auto-translation assistance). Translation support of chat and SNS.
Planned for Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korn language support.
iPhone and Android players can both enjoy the game.

◆ New characters and New skills!
Swordsman, Warrior, Mage as well as newly added Monk and Ninja are available for deeper gameplay!
New concept to acquire/customize skills for extensive play.
Up to four players can simultaneously join for 3D combat.

◆ Strategically advanced card battle!
New 3x2 unit formation is implemented to the new card battle system.
For monster battles, "Commanders" are assigned to order and ld your units.
Role of commander introduces new tactical elements when editing and managing your units.

◆ Massive of monster cards ftured in battle!
New and original monsters are added to the lineup.
Powerful monster cards available in a new double-size format!

Compatible Device
SC-02B(GALAXY S)、SC-02C(GALAXY S II)、SC-06D(GALAXY S III)、SO-01C(Xperia arc)、SO-02C(Xperia acro)、SO-03D (Xperia acro HD)、L-01D(Optimus LTE )、F-12C、F-05D、T-01D、IS11SH(AQUOS PHONE)、001HT( Desire HD)、 7

What's in this version:
Proper display of Invite Screen.
Text size adjustments.
Amended time display within Forum.
Amended screen motion of swipe controls on map screens.

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