Thursday, May 19, 2016

KK Launcher Prime (KitKat,L launcher) v4.97

KKLauncherPrime (KitKat,Llauncher) v4.97 Apk
★KKLauncher, is the Top 1 KitKat & Android L stylelauncher; Most Fast, Cool, Powerful, and AD Free

★ What make KKLauncheroutstanding?
1.Supper fast, smooth, most polished; Cln and modern design
2.KKLauncherhave20+ unique,COOL and useful ftures: such as Sidebar, Super folder, Private folder, App Lock, Double tap toturn offscreen
3.Compare to NovaLauncher(or ApexLauncher,SoloLauncher), KKlauncherbase on KitKat, has latest Android UI/UE; while NovaLauncherbase on ICS
4.Compare to Google NowLauncher, KKlauncherhas all of its ftures, adding many useful ftures
★ User review:
"An actively developedlauncherfturing lots of customization; the performance is simply amazing, scrolling is very smooth." --XDA
"Grtlauncher, I've tried a handful oflauncherand this is the fastest of them all, the most customizable, the best looking" -- Jorge Valdes
★ KKLauncherFtures:
1. Support icon theme:
-- Find1000+oflaunchericon pack from Google Play Store; compatible with themes of novalauncher,sololauncher,golauncher,apexlauncher, etc
2. Handy Sidebar:
-- Include Memory clner; Quick toggle; Favoritpps, and Sidebar can be launched from everywhere
3. Highly customize:
-- Have200+oflauncheroptions to tune yourdevices; options for grid size, app folder, 4 UI size mode, dock pages...
4. Support color theme:
-- Customize icon color, shape, size as you want instantly
5. Support Ok,Google:
-- Enable OK Google from all KKLauncherscreens(Android 4.4+); Support swipe right to Google Now
6. Support Android L:
-- Keep updating to latest Android L (Android 5.0)
7. VisualLauncherDesktop:
-- Smooth animation,Wallpaperscrolling; 16 transitioneffect; 5 livewallpapereffect; colorwallpaper
8. Well managedLauncherDrawer:
-- Change grid size; Crte folder; Hide app; 3 drawer style; 4 drawer sorting; Quick A-Z loion bar
9. Transparent StatusBar:
-- For Android 4.4, and Galaxy S4,Galaxy Note. Transparent StatusBar clone for Android 4.0-4.3
10. Gestures:
-- 15 gestures, icon gestures to open cover widget

KKLauncherPrime Ftures:
- Private folder; Super folder
- App Lock
- Double tap toturn offscreen, triple tap to turn on
- More Unrd Counts/Notifier
- More gestures; Icon gestures
- More transitioneffect
Android L themedlauncher, fastlauncher, Google NowLauncher, smartlauncher, Android Llauncher
More info:
UnlockedPrime ftures of KK Launcher!
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