Thursday, May 19, 2016

WtherPro Premium v3.5 Apk

WtherPro Premium v3.5 Apk
WtherProanswersthe question - what's the best Android Wther app?" Brighthub *****

This five star, award winning wther app, offers unrivalled, high-quality, detailed information including:
• 3-hourly forecasts for the week ahd including temperature, wind direction and speed, air pressure,precipitationamount and probability and relative humidity
• Viewforecastas a graph for an alternative, sy to rdoutlook
• Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme wther
• Globalsatellitnd animated radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe
• Unlimited favourite loions plus “My loion” to automatically show the wther where you are
• Connection to your personal wther stations, inpartnershipwith Netatmo
• Additional ftures: Wther photo, Wther news, Wther reports for over 2 million loions worldwide
• Customizable Widgets (choose your own colour, size, transparency, loion, gradient etc.), LiveWallpaperwith current wther s and App2SD compatibility
• Explore the benefits of MeteoGroup’s other apps by connecting directly to the 3D globe on Meteorth
• NO adverts
Alrdy the most comprehensive wther app on the market, WtherPro also has a Premium subscription option which takes the service to an even more advanced level. WtherPro Premium offers everything found on the standard app plus:
• Hourly forecasts for 2 weeks ahd
• Stunning, high resolution wthermapswith multiple layers of advanced wther information includingprecipitationtype radar in Europe, radar forecasts, htmaps, lightning strikes and cloud cover forecasts.
• Ski Wther for over 900resortsin 17 countries and Bch Wther with UV Index and water temperatures for the Mediterrann, Caribbn and other popular holiday destinations.
• And more…
UnlockedPremium ftures in WtherPro!
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